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Know about the Initial Coin Offering and its launching process

What is initial coin offering?

This is the process in which investors who want to start new projects sell their old crypto tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others. It is like purchasing shares of a company but the difference is that one purchases cryptocurrencies instead of any shares.
It is different from the IPO (Initial Public Offering) because it refers to the public offering of shares. ICO is the process which is now trying to replace the IPO because it is also used to raise funds for the new projects by collecting cryptocurrencies instead of shares.
IPO is very expensive as compared to the ICO. A person who doesn’t have much money and thelarge asset can also invest in the project of ICO. It is a cryptocurrency market in which tokens can be sold at any price of choice of the seller.


How to launch ICO?

It is very necessary to start the project based on the blockchain system. If there would be no blockchain, then it would become impossible to release the different types of tokens. In old times, people didn’t have any idea to use the ICO for their development projects. Only the Big IT companies and organizations used to pay attention to the development and research of the technology with implementing new projects. But in these days, common people have the knowledge about the Initial Coin Offering.

This is a process in which a company plans to issue and placement of coins to build a new startup. The investors always want to purchase the tokens which are of minimum cost. This is due to the fact that investors want to look at their benefits in every way. The investors receive dividends from the project development and then they sell them at ahigh price on the exchange of any cryptocurrency.

Nice option for a new company

This is a good option for the launch of the new companies. This is a kind of crowdfunding which allows collection of more tokens which were planned before. The Initial Coin Offering allows the new start-up owners to get an opportunity to collect a lot of money. The most important thing to start the process of ICO is that you need to have a complete understanding of the blockchain and its various functions. The person who is involved in this process needs to know the basic details to connect it to the project. You can visit the site for advertising your ICO.